I started Numi Olive in 2015 but have been making jewelry since I was little. I even used to sell my beaded necklaces and bracelets at a local shop when I was around eleven/twelve years old. It wasn’t until years later, and many different jobs/careers, that I returned to the craft. My daughter was three at the time, and something pulled me back into making jewelry. An urge to do something more creative again. A desire to be able to spend more time with my daughter. I spent countless hours teaching myself metalsmithing, often late at night after my kiddo was asleep. I started with a little makeshift side table bench in the living room of our tiny apartment. With limited supplies and a small culinary torch, my metalsmithing journey began.

Named after my daughter, Numi Olive has grown into something amazing. It gives me more time with her and enables me to do something I love daily. This personal connection to the brand is what makes it all so special and what gives me the determination to make it all work!

My designs are inspired by what I love. The beauty of the Southwest has always been a huge inspiration to me. Numi Olive has taken me on a journey from the East Coast to the Mojave desert and now to the Sonoran desert- two places that endlessly inspire me. Finding time to be outside and connecting with nature is what inspires me the most. It is where my creativity flows. My designs are also influenced by my lifelong fascination with ancient cultures, their adornments, and the symbolism they used. I love the idea of wearing pieces not only as decoration but as talismans—or objects worn for their powers of protection and good luck. 

Now, with the invaluable support of my life and business partner, Joe, we run Numi Olive from our home in Tucson. Joe, a skilled craftsman in his own right, brings his expertise in lapidary and polishing skills and truly helps out in all aspects of the business- from emails to packing orders. When we’re not working in our small garage workshop, we are out enjoying nature, spending time with our two cattle dogs, or just hanging out.

XO, Beth 



We believe in the power of adornments

Jewelry is a great way to express who we are, but it can also hold a remarkable power to evoke deep emotions and create lasting connections.

Made with so much love, you can feel it! 

We like big, bold pieces, and don’t skimp on the weight of our metals! We like heavy, chunky pieces that you can feel. All while being designed and made with wearability and comfort in mind!